Edcouch-Elsa Girls Powerlifting 8th Annual Battle on the Border Results

Results for Edcouch-Elsa Girls Powerlifting at the 8th Annual Battle on the Border:
Edcouch-Elsa Girls (4th Place — 18 points)
105-lb: Dulce Ibarra (620 total) 1st Place
105-lb: Jailey Contreras (445 total) 9th Place
114-lb: Leah Juarez (590 total) 9th Place
123-lb: Esmer Cruz (680 total) 2nd Place
165-lb: Araylie Garza (655 total) 8th Place
181-lb: Mackenzie Contreras (840 total) 3rd Place
181-lb: Mildred Lugo (583 total) 12th Place
220-lb: Victoria Pena (690 total) 3rd Place

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