Edcouch-Elsa Boys Powerlifting Takes First at Valley View Regional Qualifier

Final Results for Edcouch-Elsa Boys Powerlifting at the Valley View Regional Qualifier:
Edcouch-Elsa (27 Points — 1st Place)
148-lb: Ricky Ortiz (1st Place — 1495 total)
198-lb: Tony Gil (13th Place — 1090 total)
220-lb: Nate Vasquez (4th Place — 1445 total)
242-lb: Cody Alvarado (1st Place — 1750 total)
242-lb: Cordell Cabrera (9th Place — 1280 total)
275-lb: Jorge Soto (1st Place — 1730 total)
275-lb: Imanoel Rodriguez (3rd Place — 1515 total)
SHW: Bobby Gonzalez (5th Place — 1405 total)

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